Nitx ecobcn was born from the desire to contribute its bit for a better world, respectful of nature, free of toxic substances and harmful

This great desire, together with more than 50 years of experience in the world of hairdressing, has moved us to create this line of solid shampoos. Because apart from healthy, we also want to look pretty and we know that having a beautiful hair is all-important.


Our products are respectful, sustainable and natural, and are hand-crafted one by one with organic products, free of silicones, petroleum products, parabens or sulphates. Instead, Nitx ecobcn products contain plant-based surfactants, which also leave your hair fabulous, bright, healthy and hydrated.


Future hairdressing not only works to get the best look, but also strives to get the maximum quality and care for each customer’s hair, by giving them good advice. For this reason, at Nitx ecobcn we rely on natural cosmetics.


Natural cosmetics focuses on eliminating the chemicals present in cosmetic products and replacing them with ingredients of natural origin, which have a large number of active ingredients that respect both our health and the environment. We are what we eat, what we breathe and also what our skin and hair absorb. In fact, the skin is the largest organ of the body, where we absorb 60% of the substances that enter our body and pass to our bloodstream. Similarly, our skin absorbs the hair care substances through the scalp. Therefore,
what is good for our hair is also good for our body and health.

Most hair products on the market have an immediate effect. However, this effect is not real, because the petroleum by-products they contain cover the hair cuticle and do not allow the components which are really useful for hair care to penetrate inside its structure. In contrast, Nitx ecobcn products, being natural, penetrate directly into the hair structure and work in depth to provide each hair type what it needs, be it nutrition, hydration, grease control, frizz control, etc.


In addition, at Nitx ecobcn we not only think about the people who will use our products, but also about the responsibility of hairdressing professionals, who should advise their customers to use the products that best care for their hair.

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